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Can u sims 3 on more than one computer

Can u sims 3 on more than one computer

Name: Can u sims 3 on more than one computer

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You can install it on more than one but you can play it on one the sims 3. she plays on my desktop and i play on my laptop at the same time. You can install it on as many as you want, I think, unless one computer registers. Then it might not let you on. I currently have it on 3 different computers.:). Hi, my girlfriend and I would each like to play this game on our computers. My question is, can we buy one copy of the game and install and.

I am trying to install my Sims 3 game on my new computer, and when I go to Are we not able to install the Sims on two computers? the games from the my games tab, BUT only one origin account can be active per . Want more Sims?. I have two separate computers, one Mac and other is PC. i am sure you can cause it would be stupid from ea to make you buy 2 sims games for your house.i . Can I use my sim 4 key on more than one computer. . Codes can only be used once and once only, but you can download the game on your Origin . unfortunatly not D: My kids now try to play sims 3 together and it's just all day fighting.

Lily Pytel, Been playing since early days of Sims 1 If you're asking whether two computer can use the same serial. 31 Dec Can I install my steam games on more than one computer [legally]? 4 but borderlands 2 needed steam. those are the only 3 i tried. . You can also install the same game on any number of different computers, but. You can put them on more than one computer. If you want to keep your saves, just copy the sims 3 folder and replace the one on the new pc. Anything more is a violation of their EULA. So no, it is not possible without Your girlfriend will need to log in, load up the game, and then you log in on your computer. It will log her off, but wont I know this from experience. I share an account with other people, and we all play Sims 4 at the same time. Hello neoseeker! I've wanted sims 3 ever since it came out, but I was saving all my money for several different things at different periods of time.

I was curious if we could make two full accounts with one sims 3 you can install the game on more than one computer, you can only play the. 27 Aug Allowing my friend to install Sims 3 using my disk. I'm not even sure if we're supposed to download the game on more than one computer of our own. You have to have at least one expansion, because then you can use. That said, say you have a desktop, a laptop, and for sake of giving an example, we'll say you also have a computer at your parents' place. So 3. As long as Origin is on those computers you can do this. I bought one of the eps for the sims 3 through origin and was able to install it on.